The Masters

Sevan Bicakci


There are only a handful of jewelry designers that I consider true masters, Sevan Bicakci is one of them.  His work is unparalleled in complexity and innovation. Residing Istanbul, his designs draw from the Ottoman and Byzantine aesthetic and he creates these designs working in 24K, Sterling Silver, hand carved gemstones and Micro mosaic enameling.   

Bill Woodrow



 Using discarded objects from street corners and waste dumps, Woodrow transformed these cast-offs by cutting into them and tearing them apart to make unexpected new forms. 

Opus 11

Opus 11 by Harry Winston


The Opus 11 by Harry Winston, an absolutely breathtaking marvel in engineering, for more details and up close images follow this link: Opus

Planet made of Diamond

Carbon Globe


Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard. For more information follow this link: Reuters: Astronomers Discover Planet Made of Diamond

Do they make these for men

Geometric faceting meets fashion


Andreia Chaves is a  Brazilian designer who recently released a new version of the Invisible Shoe she created called “Naked.” The shell of Naked is a 3D printed nylon structure with an interior leather pump hand made in Italy. Geometric design done right, I’m just waiting for a men’s version.

Apex in other art forms


Debbie brought this artist to my attention, his name is Matthew Shlian. These intricate sculptures are made out of paper, I love the intricacy and refinement in his pieces. You can see more of his work here;


Platinum Apex Ring

This is my 2011 entry in the Platinum category for the Canadian Jewellers excellence in design competition, Let’s see what happens….

The Making Of

From left, Aboudi Hassouni set designer, Kevin Calero director, Debbie Geltner art-director.


 The making of 2011 Noam Carver Apex campaign video. Amazing artists coming together to change the way that Jewelry is portrayed.  Months of painstaking work almost ready to launch, the first of many future endeavors.